Meaning of Production process

What is Production process:

As a production process, it is called the dynamic system constituted by a set of technical procedures for the modification or transformation of raw materials, be they of animal, vegetable or mineral origin, and that can use both human labor, machinery or technology. to obtain goods and services.

In this sense, the production process is developed by successive stages that consist of a series of interrelated operations that must lead to the achievement of a final product whose value, as a result, has increased and is suitable for sale and consumption. Activities ranging from the extraction of raw materials to the sale of the product, can be said to be part of the production process.

See also Process.

Industrial production process

As an industrial production process, it is called that used by the industry and that comprises a series of procedures, methods and techniques for the treatment, transformation or modification of raw materials, with the intervention of qualified labor and through the use of machinery. and technology, whose objective is to obtain a good or service of increased value for its subsequent commercialization.

Craft production process

Artisanal production processes, compared to industrial ones, tend to be more rudimentary. This means that it involves a series of traditional production methods and techniques, mainly manual, with little or no use of machinery in manufacturing, and prioritizing the use of local raw materials. When a production process is artisanal, in addition, it bases its products on typical motifs of the region and uses instruments or manufacturing techniques typical of the area, which are rooted in the cultural identity of which the product is a material expression.

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