Meaning of profane

What is profane:

Profane is what is neither religious nor spiritual according to a certain society, such as profane music. Profane is also a person who is completely unaware of a subject.

Profane is synonymous with secular, secular, secular or ignorant.

Profane comes from Latin profanum, word that is formed with the Latin prefix pro-, which means "in front" or "before", and the voice fanum, which means "temple", therefore it refers to that which is separate or different from the temple.

In ancient times this term was used to refer to people who were not allowed inside the temples to participate in rituals, rites or mysteries.

At present, the profane is defined by the monotheistic religions that prevail in a certain culture, since it is what offends the sacred in these religions.

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The verb desecrate is used to refer to religious vandalism, such as when someone desecrates a temple by damaging its sacred figures.

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Profane and Pagan

Profane is not synonymous with pagan. Pagan began to be used from the fourth century by Christians to indicate something that believed in other gods such as Greek and Egyptian gods, such as pagan music or pagan rituals.

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The sacred and the profane

In anthropology and its study of rituals, the sacred is defined as belonging to the transcendental realm and the profane, which involves the realms of time and space; cause and effect, such as the Ying Yang principle.

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