Meaning of Proletariat

What is Proletariat:

As a proletariat, the social class is called the workers and laborers who, having neither property nor the means of production, which are in the hands of the bourgeoisie, must sell their labor power in exchange for a salary in order to subsist.

There is an urban proletariat, concentrated in the cities, linked to industrial activities, and a rural proletariat, which is dedicated to agricultural work.

According to Marxist theory, the proletariat is a social class typical of the capitalist economic system that is exploited by the bourgeois, owner of the means of production and wealth.

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At certain moments in history, the proletariat has raised its voice, and demanded and won demands and better working conditions. At times, he has even made the revolution and seized political power, according to the story of the creation of the Soviet Union (USSR) and the revolution of 1917.

The word proletariat, as such, dates from ancient Rome, and is derived from Latin proletarian. He was referring to that poor citizen who only with his offspring, that is, with his descendants, could serve the State by providing men for the army.

In the 19th century, with the industrial revolution, the proletariat came to be identified as the class that did not possess the means of production or own property, and that, therefore, was forced to work for the bourgeoisie in exchange for A salary.

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Proletariat and bourgeoisie

The bourgeoisie is the social class that owns the means of production, owns businesses, shops and land. In this sense, it would come to be the social class opposed to the proletariat, which are the workers, who only have their labor power, who sell to the capitalist in exchange for a wage for subsistence. According to Karl Marx's theory of the class struggle, the bourgeoisie is the exploiter of the proletariat.

With the introduction of ideas in defense of the proletariat, the bipartisan political system that emerged after the French Revolution undergoes a transformation in the representation of the two major parties: from aristocrats and bourgeoisie to bourgeoisie and proletariat.

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