Promotion Meaning

What is Promotion:

Promotion is the action of promoting a person, thing, service, etc. Its objective is to promote and disseminate products, services, goods or ideas, to publicize and persuade the public to carry out an act of consumption.

Also, promotion is considered to be the set of people or members of a certain activity, generally from the educational field, such as secondary school, university career, military service, etc. For example: I am from the LXI class of law at the Universidad de Los Andes.

On the other hand, promotion also means the promotion of a person in his work or social relationships. "When I finish my university degree, they promote me from office."

The promotion is carried out by promoters who are individuals in charge of promoting products and / or services through interaction with the customer, for example: the promoter who works for a natural juice company offers free samples to customers so that try, and thus persuade them to buy the product, which is known as sales promotion.

Finally, it is noteworthy that the term promotion can be used in other areas such as marketing, health, sports, social, among others.

Promotion and publicity

Advertising and promotion have in common that both seek to increase the consumption of a product or service. Advertising is a form of commercial communication to promote and spread a message to the public through the media, while promotion achieves it through incentives aimed at the public, for example: discounts, lower-priced combos, two for one, free samples, among others.

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Marketing promotion

In the marketing area, promotion is an advertising campaign that is carried out through a series of strategies by the company to publicize its products, services and work in order to reach the public to convince it and achieve sales.

The types of sales promotions are coupons, contests, free samples, discounts, prizes, product combos at a lower price, among others, which allow attracting and stimulating the public for a consumer action.

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Health promotion

In the case of promotion in the field of health, it allows the population to be informed about the risk factors, treatment and prevention of certain diseases. On the other hand, it manages to promote the required medication and health centers enabled to serve the public. For example: national vaccination campaigns and the application of vaccines to prevent the disease.

Social promotion

Social promotion are various actions that allow to promote a person or a group of them who lack the means and opportunities to handle a situation of vulnerability. For example: promotion and defense of human rights, housing projects, etc.

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