Properties of matter

The properties of matter are those that define the characteristics of everything that has mass and occupies a volume.

It is important to recognize what the property of matter is, since it is in everything that surrounds us, matter being everything that occupies a place in a space.

The properties of matter can be general or specific. The general properties of matter are those characteristics common to all bodies such as:

  • Mass: amount of matter that a body contains.
  • Volume or extent: space that a body occupies.
  • Weight: the force that gravity exerts on bodies.
  • Porosity: space that exists between the particles.
  • Inertia: characteristic that prevents matter from moving without the intervention of an external force.
  • Impenetrability: property that a body cannot use the space of another body at the same time.
  • Divisibility: ability of matter to divide into smaller parts.

It is important to emphasize that matter and its properties will always be affected by the gravitational forces of the environment in which they are found and by the force of attraction between the molecules that compose it.

The specific properties of matter are the characteristics that differentiate one body from another and are grouped into:

  • Physical properties: are those that define the measurable structure of the object, such as smell, texture, taste, physical state, etc.
  • Chemical properties: these are the properties that each substance has with respect to other substances with the ability to create new ones such as, for example, combustibility, oxidation, reactivity, electronic affinity, among others.
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