Meaning of Purpose

What is Purpose:

A purpose is the intention or spirit for which an action is performed or not performed. This is the objective that you intend to achieve. This term indicates the purpose, the goal of an action or an object. For example: "The purpose of this meeting is to elect a representative for the School Council."

Usually, we speak of "New Year's resolutions" to refer to the commitments on a personal level that are normally made at the beginning of the year to improve in some aspect. They are related to the term "amendment purpose", which indicates the intention and voluntary decision to correct an error or a defect of the person. In this sense, it is associated with Ethics and Moral issues as a way to improve and promote personal development.

On purpose

This expression is used to refer to the subject or matter that is going to be discussed. It serves to continue with a topic that has just been mentioned. Example: "Regarding the pollution in big cities, I think they are going to ban the circulation of private cars in central London."

This expression and "on purpose" also indicate that something is done intentionally and deliberately. It usually has a negative meaning. Example: "You dropped the plate on purpose."

Purpose of life

Speaking of "life purpose" refers to the meaning that a person can give to his life. Answer existential questions like "why" and "what for". It is related to the need of the human being to find a meaning and a purpose to his own existence. In this way, it is reflected on what meaning life has for a person and what his life objective may be.

There are several philosophical and religious currents that deal with this topic. Traditionally, "being happy", "personal growth" and "finding fulfillment" are often spoken of as some examples of life purposes. In this sense, the development and fulfillment of the person stand out as some of the most suggested life purposes. Still, a person usually has several purposes in life and these can change over time depending on circumstances and life experiences.

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