Meaning of Protagonism

What is Protagonism:

The protagonist is understood as the quality or condition of the protagonist. It originates from the Greek protagonistis, made up of the particles proto ("first and agon-istis ("player" or "fighter").

The word has different uses depending on the context. In general terms, protagonism is the condition that makes a person the center of interest and reference in a given area. In some cases this can have a positive connotation and in others negative, depending on the motivations of the protagonist.

Exercising the leading role implies being the center of attention in a given context, be it the family, the educational institution, work or daily social life.

Not everyone who gains prominence deliberately intends to do so. Some people exercise prominence in their environments involuntarily or unintentionally, as a consequence of their social, intellectual, artistic or sports skills.

The word protagonism is often used to refer to the desire to demonstrate superiority over the rest of the group, whether or not they have merits for it. An example of this would be the expression: "You are only seeking prominence through scandal."

Although it may give the impression that a person seeking prominence only does so through malicious imposition, the intentional pursuit of prominence can also be done through all manner of seemingly positive activities, such as academic or work excellence, as well as altruism.

Protagonism in literature, cinema and theater

In literature, cinema or theater, the protagonist is the protagonist, the character around whom the plot of the story revolves. We are talking, therefore, of the main character, who will always have an antagonist, that is, a competitor or opponent.

Example: In the classical play known as King OedipusIt is Oedipus who exercises the leading role. History is woven around him. His antagonist will be Creon, his brother-in-law and uncle, who aspired to power.

Another easily identifiable example is represented by fairy tales. In the history Cinderella, she is the protagonist, while her stepmother and evil sisters are the antagonists who oppose the fulfillment of her destiny.

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