Meaning of Protestantism

What is Protestantism:

Protestantism is a religious movement that originated in the 16th century to refer to Christians who separated from the Catholic Church after the Protestant Reformation promoted by Martin Luther.

The followers of Luther opposed the decree of the Diet of Speyer in the year 1529, in which religious innovations were prohibited and the necessity of the Mass and the interpretation of the sacred scriptures according to traditional teachings was declared.

Later, the Lutherans and other people who opposed this decree signed an agreement in which they expressed their disagreement and reaffirmed their new faith, which is why they began to be called Protestants.

Since then, all those Christians who separated from the Catholic Church and who, in turn, formed other congregations that emerged after Protestantism such as Anglicanism, Lutheranism and Calvinism, have been called Protestant. The evangelical church should also be mentioned as part of Protestantism.

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