Meaning of Research Project

What is a Research Project:

The plan that is developed prior to carrying out a research project is called a research project. Its objective is to present, in a methodical and organized way, a set of data and information about a problem in order to formulate a hypothesis aimed at its resolution.

In this sense, the research project is a prior evaluation of the problem, its scope and importance, as well as the resources that will be necessary for the development of the research work.

Research projects are carried out based on a scientific methodology, which endows them with rigor and validity. They can be developed not only in the area of ​​science, but also in the humanities, technology, the arts, political and legal sciences, social sciences, etc.

See also Scientific method.

Steps of a research project

The first thing when starting the development of a research project is to select the topic to be treated and identify the problem that we want to address and investigate, its validity and relevance.

Next, we begin the formulation of a preliminary project, that is, a preliminary scheme that allows us to capture the basic ideas that we will develop in the project.

See also Preliminary Draft.

The following is the preparation of the project, its writing, the search for theoretical texts and previous research that allow us to better analyze how our approach will be, and the definition of the strategies and methods that we will implement to obtain the results.

It is also very important to consider the resources that we will need to carry out our research and the material costs that it will entail.

Finally, a work schedule is drawn up in which the deadlines assigned for the execution of each phase of the investigation are established.

Parts of a research project


It must express clearly and concisely the topic or object of the research work.

Problem formulation

It characterizes, defines and frames the question projected for its investigation.

See also Problem statement.


The set of purposes pursued with the research is stated. There are two types: general and specific. They are clear, short and precise. They are written with verbs in the infinitive.

See also Research objective.


The reasons that motivate the performance of the work, its importance and its contribution within the specific field of studies are exposed. The reasons that justify an investigation can be, depending on the sphere of knowledge, scientific, political, institutional, personal.

Theoretical framework

It is constituted with the set of conceptual and theoretical references within which the research is inscribed.

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Previous research and work carried out by other authors are considered. It offers an overview of the previous approaches to the subject to be discussed.

See also Background.


It is the assumption referred to our object of study that we will verify with our research work.

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The set of methods and techniques to be applied during the research process (data collection, field work, etc.) is described.

See also Research methodology.


The material and financial resources that will be needed are briefly and in detail explained.


The duration of each stage of the investigation is established until its end.

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