Meaning of Test

What is Test:

A proof is a fact or evidence, a reason or argument, used to prove the truth or falsity of something, an action, a thesis, a theory.

A test can also be that experiment or test that is done to find out how something is going to turn out or to check the operation of something. For example: "The sound checks have been satisfactory for the concert."

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As proof, the indication, signal or sample that occurs of something is also known: "The president of the government asked his deputies for proof of their loyalty to the president of the congress."

Test is also the name that receives a medical analysis that is carried out to verify the normality or alteration of certain values ​​and that allow determining the state of health: "I will go to take a pregnancy test."

Test in law

In the field of law, evidence is the justification of the truth of a fact, its existence or its content, in a trial according to the means established by law.Facts, objects or people are considered as a source of evidence in a trial. However, it is noteworthy that the person who must demonstrate the truth of what he says is the one who affirms or alleges something in specific. Thus, each party must prove the facts on which it bases its defense. Means of proof are the confession of a party, testimonial evidence, public or private documents, expert reports, or inspections by the court, as well as presumptions established by law or jurisprudence.

Scientific proof

In the field of science, it is known as proof to the demonstration or empirical evidence, obtained by observation or experimentation, that corroborates, supports or refutes a certain hypothesis or theory. In this way, it is from the tests that we can determine which theories really reflect the truth of a set of facts or phenomena and which do not. In this sense, the scientific evidence must be objective, verifiable and reproducible and must be rigorously adapted to the scientific method.

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