Meaning of clinical psychology

What is clinical psychology:

Clinical psychology is an area of ​​psychology that investigates, studies and treats mental health cases. Professionals in clinical psychology are called psychotherapists.

Clinical psychology is a science within the disciplines of behavioral medicine such as the behavioral or social sciences, the biomedical sciences, and each of the medical specialties.

Behavioral medicine in this aspect is defined by Schwarz in 1982 as an interdisciplinary discipline that integrates behavioral psychology and medicine together with the knowledge and techniques relevant to the understanding of physical health and its diseases, applying this knowledge in turn and techniques for its prevention, evaluation, treatment and necessary rehabilitation.

Clinical psychology aims at the in-depth investigation of a person considered a singularity generally using the theoretical model of psychoanalysis. In this way, the factors and conditions that affect or generate discomfort and disturbances in the mental health of individuals are investigated.

Clinical psychology is found within health psychology along with physiological psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, and experimental psychology. Each of these subareas are defined and differentiated by:

  • its object of study,
  • your study model,
  • your study emphasis and
  • study subjects.

In this sense, the object of study in clinical psychology are psychopathological disorders, its study model is behavioral, its emphasis is on treatment and the study subjects are individuals.

See also theories of personality.

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