Meaning of Educational Psychology

What is Educational Psychology:

Educational psychology is a branch of psychology that studies the way in which learning processes develop in schools. As such, it combines principles and methods from psychology and the educational sciences. Its object of analysis is focused on the factors that intervene in the evolution of the teaching-learning process: the relationship between the learners and the educator, and their development in the social and cultural context where the teaching process takes place.

Educational psychology, like any discipline of knowledge, asks itself questions and reflects on the experiences and problems posed by its environment: how does the learning process occur? What factors intervene in it? Do we all learn from it? In the same way and at the same speed? Does our learning capacity vary with age?

In this sense, according to authors such as Jean Piaget, the human being goes through different phases of cognitive development, ranging from the earliest childhood, when the child learns mainly by imitation, until the end of adolescence, when the individual is already capable. to perform more complex mental abstraction operations.

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The role of educational psychology, in this way, will be to understand and explain the way in which cognitive, affective, motivational, behavioral and sociocultural processes affect educators and students in different educational environments, as well as to study and explain evolution of the learning process based on the growth and development of students' cognitive skills.

In the school environment itself, educational psychology intervenes in the teaching process with the aim of improving it, detecting anomalies and correcting failures, as well as providing guidance and advice to both educators, students, parents and relatives in the educational and domestic context. .

The purpose of educational psychology will be to promote, through research, the development of knowledge that establishes the principles, models, theories, strategies and procedures that contribute to improving the quality and efficiency of the educational process, as well as participating in the design of educational plans. study and educational models in general.

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