Meaning of Pudor

What is Pudor:

Modesty is synonymous with modesty, modesty or decorum. The word, as such, comes from Latin modesty, pudōris, which means 'shame'.

In this sense, modesty is the feeling of shame that is experienced in relation to issues of a sexual nature, such as the nudity of one's own or someone else's body. Likewise, the feeling of modesty can come not only from the fact of nudity itself, but even from ideas related to the physical and the carnal. Hence, modesty has also been associated with shyness and modesty.

Modesty, however, is not only related to the physical, it can also be linked to issues of an emotional nature, such as the apprehension that a person can show to express their feelings, desires or thoughts in front of another or others.

Modesty, in this sense, is also usually considered as a moral virtue, since it is a demonstration that a person values ​​the norms related to morality and decency in social coexistence.

On the other hand, the idea of ​​modesty is fundamentally cultural, and has varied from time to time, and from one society to another. Thus, the act of kissing on the cheek among men as an expression of greeting, common in countries like Argentina, can cause a man from Venezuela to be reluctant, who is culturally suspicious of physical contact with other men.

In addition, modesty is a characteristic of human beings, their customs and social norms, being that animals, at no time, show signs of feeling shame or modesty in the face of any type of activity.

On the other hand, the lack of modesty is associated with the lack of shame, and is usually considered negative when it breaks in a non-consensual way in the customs and uses of other people. There are even legal regulations to punish this type of excess in most societies.

Modesty in the legal sense

In Law, there is a typified crime called, according to the legislation of each country, indecent assault, crime against good customs, against public decency and morals, against honesty, against morality, etc. In this sense, an attack on modesty occurs when an individual engages in forced, violent or inappropriate sexual practices, undermining the freedom and rights of people in matters related to sexuality.

Shame in the Bible

In the Bible, modesty is associated with the shame of nudity, with the modesty of the exhibition of one's own figure, and with material modesty. In this sense, Timoteo expresses: “That women dress in decent clothes, with modesty and modesty, not with ostentatious hairstyle, not with gold, or pearls, or expensive dresses; but with good works, as befits women who profess godliness ”(II: 9-10). Hence, modesty is a value of Christian societies whose foundation is found in sacred texts.

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