Meaning of Pugna

What is Pugna:

The meaning of the word struggle has to do with the fight, fight, contest and opposition that can be made between different sides, groups or people, it also refers to the confrontation that can be sustained and that has a special ideological content between those who are faced.

It is also an intentional violent conflict destined to establish dominance over the opponent, hence the term is widely used in the communicational field, such as when a journalist refers to “the struggle that exists between criminal gangs to maintain control of drugs and weapons of the locality, which has generated thousands of innocent deaths ”.

Despite the explicit and violent content to which the word struggle is associated, it is also used to refer to a contest that does not necessarily have to be violent and that does not warrant a fight or that the contestants are fully enemies, for example, we find it in in the sports field, when they refer to different players or teams that will face each other and maintain a rivalry, for example when we see news such as: “Messi’s Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid maintain a contest for the leadership of the championship as well as the of leading scorer ”, which denotes confrontation but not violence.

Another example of the previous case is the use of the word struggle to express the confrontation that will take place in the presidential elections, where both candidates are adversaries of each other, but because of their ideology, or because of their government plan, which does not mean that they are enemies or that the confrontation is violent, since the final result will be obtained through democratic mechanisms.

The word struggle comes from the Latin "I will fight " which translates fight, contest, rivalry, fist, which is why this word is associated with terms that have to do with confrontation, it was understood by this, that associated with this word there was violence, caused by the conflict of 2 people who faced each other to fists to decide who was better, who was right in any case, or simply who imposed his supremacy over the other and was fully demonstrated.

Hence, the word boxer is used for boxers who face each other in a fight, and that the confrontation is specifically with the fists, with which the violence is fully identified, and then one of them is the winner or winner of the fight, Thus, the word struggle has its origin and can be used in different contexts as we have already explained.

This word has also been used to refer to political, social and ideological confrontations in international conflicts between countries or internal to a State or Nation, for example when talking about the struggle between the people of Israel and Palestine for the holy land. or the promised land, a purely ideological struggle or confrontation, which confronts two nations of the world.

In the same way, we have the case in Mexico of the struggle between the Mexican drug cartels that maintain to seize control of the production, handling and distribution of the drug that is sent to the consuming countries, in order to expand their empire and seize the profit that this activity generates year after year.

Therefore, struggle can be used to refer to confrontations when violence is present and this is the only way to win or be defeated, but it can also be used in areas where the confrontation should not necessarily be violent, that is, There is adversity and confrontation, but the winner is not declared the winner through violence, as is the case in sports and politics, when we are in the presence of presidential elections or any other political office.

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