Meaning of Pulcro

What is Pulcro:

Neat is an adjective that is used to designate what is very clean, has a very neat and neat appearance, or who is careful in the execution of things, behavior and speech. The word, as such, comes from Latin pulcher, pulchra.

Thus, neat can refer to cleaning, grooming or caring for someone or something: "Receptionists must look neat", "I have left the carpet neat."

See also Hygiene.

It is also used to refer to neatness or care in the way of doing things, usually with efficiency and diligence. For example: “Marisa is a neat assistant, she manages my schedule in an excellent way”.

See also Efficiency.

In this sense, someone neat is also someone who is delicate or scrupulous in their way of conducting themselves and speaking. For example: "Ricardo is a neat cadet, he won't leave us bad, my general."

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