Meaning of Who walks with wolves, to howl is taught

What is it Who with wolves walks, how to howl is taught:

"Who walks with wolves, how to learn is taught" is a Spanish saying that indicates that the type of people that one usually hangs out often define what we learn with them.

In this sense, this expression indicates the care we must have when choosing our friendships, since they will guide us along good or bad paths according to the nature or intentions of the circle of friends or group of people.

In many children's fables, "He who walks with wolves is taught to howl" is usually the moral of the story that warns children about the consequences of being with bad company.

"Whoever walks with wolves, is taught to howl" has an explicit meaning, that is, literally, indicating that a wolf can only teach how to howl, like a dog to bark or a cat to meow.

The implicit meaning, that is, the message or the teaching that it leaves us is that we must choose carefully the people with whom we want to be because we can only learn from what they know, good or bad.

A synonym for the popular saying "Who walks with wolves, is taught to howl" would be: "Tell me who you are with, and I will tell you who you are."

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