Meaning of Who much covers little tightens

What is Who much covers little tightens:

Whoever takes a lot of space, the less he tightens up It is a saying that means that whoever tries to do many things at the same time, will not be able to do any of them well. As such, it is a popular saying, originating in Spain, and widespread and used throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

The sentence is related to the ambition and eagerness to deal with matters that exceed our real capacity, hence it carries an implicit warning: we had better focus on a number of companies that are manageable and to which we can give the attention they require. , than trying to manage too many things that then we can not control or attend properly.

The teaching in this sense is that it is preferable to focus on a few things to achieve better results.

In task management this saying can be used as an indisputable principle. To properly manage our time and energy, it is essential to have the ability to prioritize tasks and focus our attention and energies on a certain number of them. In this way, in a continuous work process, we will be able to effectively carry out a certain number of tasks with great efficiency and quality, and without collapsing.

An example of trying to cover too much would be that of a person who wants to achieve, in the same year, a promotion at work, write a novel, do an English course and a doctorate, not counting the time they have to dedicate to the housework, his wife, his children and his friends. On the other hand, if this person proceeds in steps, he could achieve everything in the medium and long term without having to sacrifice anything: dedicating two years to the promotion, two to the doctorate, one to English, one to the novel, and all this without neglecting the family and friends.

This saying is so popular that only the first part can be used in a text, leaving the second one suggested or implicit: Who much encompasses ...

In addition, it has some variants, such as "who covers a lot, usually little squeezes", or "whoever tries to cover a lot, squeezes little", among others.

In English, it can be translated as “he who grasps at too much loses everything"(He who clings to too much, loses everything), or as"if you run after two hares you will catch neither”(If you run after two hares you will not catch any).

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