What is chemistry?

Chemistry is the science that studies matter, how it is composed, its properties and how its structures are transformed after undergoing various processes or reactions that affect its molecules and atoms.

It is worth mentioning that matter is everything that surrounds us, composed of molecules and atoms that react to various chemical changes, and that can be related to the release of energy in some cases.

Chemistry studies are conducted in laboratories and use the scientific method. This has allowed the discovery of various subjects, their compositions, how they are related or transformed. Hence, elements that are basic in other scientific studies have been discovered.

Branches of chemistry

Chemistry is one of the most important sciences, since its object of study is matter, that is, everything that surrounds us in daily life.

Chemistry is a science that encompasses a large number of study areas that have generated different branches or classifications of chemistry studies.

Organic chemistry

Organic chemistry is one of the main branches of chemistry, from which the elements and chemical compounds that contain carbon (carbon-carbon or carbon-hydrogen bonds) are studied.

Some examples of these substances are methane (CH4) and acetic acid (CH3COOH). Among other utilities, organic chemistry allows the study and analysis of the molecular bases of living beings.

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Inorganic chemistry

Inorganic chemistry is also one of the most important branches, since it studies chemical elements and compounds that do not have carbon-hydrogen bonds, as well as acids and bases. Some examples of these substances are water (H2O) and ferric oxide (Fe2O3).

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It studies the composition, interaction and chemical reactions at the molecular level of living beings, therefore, these are studies that focus on understanding how organisms work. This branch is associated with the studies of genetics and molecular biology.

Analytic chemistry

Branch of chemistry that studies the chemical composition of a material or sample, through different chemical and / or physicochemical methods. It can be quantitative and / or qualitative. Analytical chemistry is widely applied in quality control processes in industries.

Physical chemistry

It is the branch of chemistry that studies matter taking into account both its physical and chemical properties, which makes it possible to establish models and / or study theories.

Industrial Chemistry

Industrial chemistry is the branch of chemistry that is oriented towards the production of materials and chemical products in an industrial environment. Also known as industrial chemistry is a career in Engineering focused on this matter.

Object of study of chemistry

The object of study of chemistry is matter, including living organisms (animals, plants, people). Therefore it is a science that focuses on understanding how it is structured, composed, transformed and works, especially from the smallest structures that are atoms and molecules.

Importance of chemistry

The various branches of chemistry have made it possible to develop various study methods and theories in order to better understand the studies on the subject.

The importance of chemistry falls on the study of matter and living organisms in order to better understand how everything around us and in our body works.

For example, how one material is affected when mixed with another, how products can be developed in order to generate a better quality of life, among many other things.

Chemistry and its applications is in many of the activities that we carry out daily, hence it is one of the most important sciences.

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