Meaning of ¿Quo vadis?

What is Quo vadis ?:

Quo vadis? is a Latin expression that means "Where are you going?'. This phrase is recorded in a second century work called Acts of Peter. It can be said that the text Acts of Peter It is one of the apocryphal books that claim to give testimonies to the Acts of the Apostles.

In this text, one of the most significant legends of Christianity in relation to the following of Christ is related, and it is from her that this phrase comes out. It is the story that explains how Saint Peter, in times of Christian expansion, accepted the fate of being martyred for the gospel.

According to the account, around the year 64 Nero undertook one of the most terrible persecutions against Christians in Rome. Pedro, who had been arrested and was afraid of losing his life, tried to escape.

During his escape, the apostle meets Jesus, who was carrying a cross on the Appian Way. Peter asks his Lord: "Quo vadis, Domine? ", which means, "Where are you going, Lord?" Then Jesus replied: Romam ford iterum crucifigi ("I'm going to Rome to be crucified again").

After Jesus' response, Peter is ashamed of his attitude and decides to return to Rome again in order to continue his ministry. There he is arrested once more, after which he is martyred and crucified upside down.

In the place of his martyrdom today, according to tradition, the Basilica of Saint Peter of the Vatican stands. There, in the crypt of the basilica, his remains rest.

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