Radical meaning

What is Radical:

Radical is an adjective that can refer to that belonging to or related to the root, to something (a turn, a change) total or complete, or to that person in favor of extreme reforms or who is usually blunt or intransigent.

The word, as such, comes from late Latin radicālis, which in turn derives from the Latin radix, radīcis, which means 'root'.

Thus, for example, in botany the part of a plant that is born immediately from the root is considered radical.

In grammar, for its part, radical refers to the root of the word, that is, to its lexeme. Thus, the radical of wanting would be want-.

As radicals, on the other hand, they are usually called complete or total changes or changes that occur in something: "They changed the law in a radical way."

Radical in politics

In politics, all those who support extreme ideas or currents of thought and action are usually called radical, which imply intransigence and inflexible positions that do not recognize the right of the other to think or act differently, according to their own interests. ideas. In this sense, political radicalism does not differentiate left from right.

Radicals are the currents of thought or ideologies that seek to carry out profound reforms in the political, economic and social sphere. His proposal is to promote a new political formula to achieve economic and social progress from his political point of view. Radical are the revolutionary movements that try to break with the established order to establish a new order.

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