Meaning of Speed

What is Speed:

As speed we call the quality of fast. In physics, it refers to the relationship between the distance traveled by a body and the time taken to cover it. As such, it is a scalar physical quantity, and can be measured in kilometers, miles, or knots per hour.

Although speed is often used as a synonym for speed in common language, they are not always exact synonyms, since speed, which is a vector magnitude, considers the direction or course in which a body or object is moving, a fact that speed , which is a scalar quantity, does not take into account.

Speed ​​in physics

Speed ​​is a scalar quantity that determines the ratio of the distance traveled by a body or object and the time it takes to cover that distance. In this sense, it uses length and time dimensions that can be, depending on the case, kilometers per hour (k / h) or meters per second (m / s). Unlike velocity, it is not a vector quantity, but represents precisely the modulus of speed.

Medium speed

Average speed is calculated by taking the distance traveled by a body and the time taken to travel it. For example: a person who takes two hours to travel 60 kilometers will be moving at an average speed of 30 kilometers per hour.

Instant speed

Instantaneous speed is that which is measured at a given moment of the displacement of a body at a given point. It can be measured with a speedometer.

Constant speed

Constant speed is called the speed at which a body moves without registering variations in its speed, but maintaining the same speed at all times.

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