Race Meaning

What is Race:

Each of the groups into which some biological species are subdivided, whose differential characteristics are genetically transmitted, by inheritance, is called a race. The word, as such, comes from Latin radĭa, of radĭus.

In biology, the word race came to be adopted, even as a taxonomic category, equivalent to subspecies. However, in recent times, the term has been considered invalid by the scientific community and has been relatively relegated to common language to refer to different human groups and certain domestic animals.

However, also for the human species the use of race is rejected as a valid taxonomic category to refer to the different existing human groups and, instead, the more appropriate name of ethnicity has been chosen.

Race, on the other hand, can also be used with the meaning of caste or quality of origin: "It is a race horse."

Also, as a race we can call a crack or a cleft, or the ray of light that enters through an opening.

Finally, race can also be used to refer to the quality of some things, in consideration of certain characteristics that define them: "He was a race scorer."

Human races

As races, the different human groups that populated the planet were called, according to various classification systems, used especially between the 18th and 20th centuries. It was thought for centuries that human beings could be separated by race, taking into consideration their physical characteristics, such as skin color, hair, facial angle or the shape of the skull. Hence, the human species has traditionally been divided into three great races: the white or Caucasian, the yellow or Mongoloid, and the black or Negroid.

However, at present, it is considered that the human species is not divided into races, but that we all descend from a common trunk, and that, in this sense, the separation by races is nothing more than a convention and an arbitrariness that It has no scientific basis and, much less, does it imply any hierarchy. Hence, as an alternative to the concept of race, it is rather that of ethnicity.

See also Ethnicity.

Race and racism

Racism is based on the idea of ​​the superiority of one race over another or others. In this sense, racism maintains that races should be subject to the order and hierarchy imposed by a superior race, supposedly more evolved or stronger. As such, this feeling has been part of the relationships between different human groups since ancient times. In America, it was forcibly imposed by European man, who established a regime where privileges were reserved for white or Caucasian men over blacks and American Indians. Racism, moreover, was the excuse for one of the greatest genocides in human history: the Jewish holocaust at the hands of the Nazis.

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