Meaning of CPR

What is CPR:

CPR stands for cardiovascular resuscitation which is an emergency life saving technique.

The CPR procedure is applied when the person in question is unconscious, with no signs of breathing or heartbeat.

There is basic and advanced CPR. Basic CPR is part of first aid knowledge and is known to restore circulation through chest compressions and introduction of air through the mouth.

Advanced CPR requires medical knowledge and training. In addition to basic CPR, it includes establishing respiration and venous access, administering necessary drugs, defibrillation, monitoring the heart rhythm, and applying post-resuscitation care.

Steps to perform basic CPR

CPR should be applied in emergencies where the patient appears not to move or breathe and his heart appears to have stopped beating. The following steps must be followed:

  • Call an emergency number to reach a professional.
  • Compress with both hands clasped the patient's chest for about 3 centimeters for 30 seconds. You must compress your chest repetitively and rhythmically twice a second.
  • Raise the patient's head by the chin to expose the mouth and airway.
  • Pinch the patient's nose, cover the mouth with yours, and blow hard for a second until the chest rises. Blow twice.
  • Repeat the procedure until help arrives.

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