Meaning of virtual reality

What is virtual reality:

Virtual reality (VR by virtual reality) is a technology that uses some computerized electronic device to create a parallel reality that appears true.

Virtual reality in the area of ​​computing is commonly used for the creation of video games or for devices in the area of ​​entertainment. The technology used to create this parallel reality through the virtual world is commonly developed in helmets and glasses that integrate an environment through vision, hearing and some also develop touch.

See also Video Game.

Virtual reality recreates a simulation of a three-dimensional world using computerized technology. To be considered as such, it must at least include the following two characteristics:

  • Three-dimensional (3D) images must be viewed through the user's perspective as if they were life-size, and
  • the technology must be able to follow the user's eye movements to reflect the change in perspective.

The sensations that a virtual reality (VR) or also called "successful virtual environment" seeks to provoke in users are the following:

  • Immersion in another world temporarily forgetting the real world,
  • Interaction with virtual reality, and
  • Telepresence, that is, feeling present in another world.

Virtual reality differs from augmented reality because the latter mixes the real environment with the virtual environment creating a reality filter above the real world, being distinguishable one from the other.

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