Meaning of Recess

What is Recess:

Recess refers, in general terms, to a separation, suspension or interruption of an activity. That is, pausing an activity for a certain time, usually to take a break.

Recess derives from Latin recessus, which means withdrawal and which, in turn, comes from the verb recedere, which indicates backing up or going backwards. Some synonyms for the word recess can be interval, pause, stop, stop, among others.

For example, "this morning, after two continuous hours of meeting, there was a fifteen-minute break and then we continued with the pending items."

Now, depending on the context in which the word recess is used, it will have one or the other meaning.

Therefore, when referring to the break during class hours or school recess, it will be referring to the break that takes place between class hours, as well as the rest of school holidays, either for summer, Christmas or another holiday.

For example, "at school we have a break for every three hours of class for students to eat breakfast and share with their classmates." "This year, during the school break, I will be visiting my family's house out of town."

The word recess indicates the pause of an activity or action, that is why it is customary to use it in the sports area, when a soccer game or any other sport that has a rest interval is narrated, in order to signal the recess of the game.

For example, "during the break from the soccer game I called my brother." "During the break the players hydrate themselves and reorganize the strategies of the game."

In the development of legislative activities, either in the assembly or congress, recess is called the period in which no type of political activity is carried out in said instances, either because there is no session or because it is a period vacation.

On the other hand, there is also talk of recession or recession when the economy of a country stops, paralyzes or interrupts, after being in growth or having a stable activity.

Medicine break

In the studies of anatomy and medicine, the fossa recess or opening in different organs is called a recess, hence we speak of a spherical recess, subpopliteal recess or spheneoethmoidal recess.

Sun recess

It is important to point out the term recess of the Sun, used in the field of astronomy, which is used to describe the movement with which, apparently, the Sun moves away from the equator.

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