Meaning of Cooking Recipe

What is Cooking Recipe:

A cooking recipe is an instruction guide for the preparation of dishes, salty or sweet. This guide follows a properly ordered and structured order, which meets the specific needs of each dish. The word recipe comes from Latin recipere, which means 'give and take'.

Characteristics of a cooking recipe

Each cooking recipe or culinary recipe consists of two essential parts:

  • Title with the name of the dish and its origin.
  • Indication of the total preparation time and the degree of difficulty.
  • List of ingredients, which indicates both the type of ingredient and the necessary amount of it.
  • List of utensils. Some recipes include a list of necessary utensils. Other times, the apprentice finds the reference of these utensils in the body of the instructions.
  • Steps for preparing the recipe, arranged in chronological order.

Some recipes may include other types of information, which depend on both the author of the book and the editorial criteria. For example, in diet cookbooks, it is essential to indicate the calories in each dish. In general gastronomy books, tips or recommendations to follow to treat certain processes or ingredients can be included in the recipes.

Units of measure for cooking recipes

Ingredient quantities are expressed in units of measure, which vary by language and culture.

In the Spanish-speaking world, units of measurement are usually expressed in grams; milliliters or centiliters; tablespoons, teaspoons, cups and pinches.

Temperature is usually expressed in degrees centigrade or celsius (ºC), while in the North American system it is expressed in degrees Fahrenheit (ºF).

In the event that the book is in another language or belongs to a country with a different culture, the apprentice or cook must make the equivalences of the units of measurement.

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