Meaning of Recycling

What is Recycling:

Recycling or recycling is known as the process that consists of transforming waste or used materials into new goods or products for reuse.

As such, the recycling process begins with the separation of different materials (glass, plastic, aluminum, paper, etc.), to be introduced into the recycling system and later transformed into new raw materials or products with a new cycle. of life.

See also Life cycle.

Depending on the case, all of a material or only a part can be recycled. In recycling participate, firstly, the sorting plants, where the waste is separated, and, secondly, the recycling plants, which is where the waste is transformed for use.

It is noteworthy that not all materials are recyclable, since some, such as oils, paints or insecticides, which are considered harmful or toxic, cannot be reused.

For the separation of materials, a color system has been implemented in the garbage containers (which may vary in different countries), to facilitate collection. The basic colors are the following:

  • Blue color, for paper and cardboard.
  • Yellow color, for plastic and metal containers.
  • Green color, for glass.

The best-known recycling logo or symbol is the Möbius ring or circle, made up of three arrows arranged like a triangle, which are bent clockwise and represent the three parts of the cycle: collection, recycling and reuse.

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Importance of recycling

The importance of recycling for our current society lies in the fact that it allows us to make a rational use of natural resources, especially non-renewable ones, which translates into their preservation, the protection of the environment and the reduction of pollution.

Recycling is also part of an ecological model of sustainability, which is based on the use of resources without causing damage or harmful alterations in the environment, respecting the natural cycles of regeneration of materials.

On the other hand, recycling makes it possible to lower production costs for some industries, while for citizens it can be beneficial in the sense that it allows them to generate income by selling recyclable material to recycling companies.

See also Sustainability.

Computer recycling

The reuse or use of computers is known as computer or electronic recycling, either in its entirety or in parts. In this sense, computers can be donated to users or organizations that need them, or their components can be separated and classified for reuse or recycling. However, the recycling of computer equipment is especially delicate, since some of its components can be highly toxic both for our health and for the environment, so a certain protocol must be followed for their elimination.

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