Meaning of Recreation

What is Recreation:

As recreation it is called the activity destined to the use of free time for physical and mental recreation. Likewise, the word recreation can refer to the act of reliving or reproducing a work or a historical event. The word, as such, comes from Latin recreation, recreiōnis, which means ‘action and effect of recreating or recreating’.

The concept of recreation, understood as a distraction activity, implies the active participation, both physically and mentally, of the individual. In this sense, recreation is opposed to leisure, which is rather a passive form of distraction, more related to the relaxation and relaxation of the body and mind.

Recreation is essential for physical and mental health. For this reason, it is advisable to practice recreational activities from time to time that provide us with the possibility of clearing our minds and dedicating our free time to things that we really enjoy. In this sense, recreation serves to break with routine and daily obligations, and thus relieve accumulated stress.

The recreational activities that we practice may be related to sports or hobbies. As such, frequent recreational activities provide us with pleasant moments and feelings of well-being and satisfaction.

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