Meaning of renewable resources

What are renewable resources:

As a renewable resource, any natural resource that can be regenerated naturally at speeds higher than those of its consumption by human beings is considered.

In this sense, the radiation of the Sun, the wind or the movement of the water can be considered as renewable resources, since they are resources on which, for the moment, the risk of being depleted in the short term does not weigh. In this sense, they are sustainable alternatives for the supply of energy on the planet.

Likewise, forest resources such as wood, used for the manufacture of paper, furniture, construction, chemical compounds, etc., can fall into the category of renewable resources as long as they are used under sustainability criteria, applying constant renewal plans and strategies. .

On the other hand, resources such as geothermal energy, relative to heat from the interior of the Earth, fresh water or biomass, are renewable as long as their use responds to the principles of sustainable development, thus preventing their consumption from exceeding capacity. to regenerate them.

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Renewable energy resources

  • The Sun is an inexhaustible source of energy and is the most abundant on Earth. Currently, its energy use is booming.
  • The wind is used to produce wind energy, which is what the wind energy is transformed into electricity. As such, its use by humans dates back to ancient times, with the use of mills. It is an abundant, clean and renewable resource. See also Wind.
  • Waters are an important source of clean, renewable and inexpensive energy. Through their movement, they can generate hydroelectric energy or hydraulic energy.
  • Geothermal energy is that which is produced by taking advantage of the heat that occurs naturally inside the Earth.
  • Biofuels are those that use natural resources, such as alcohol derived from corn or sugar cane, to produce energy. Also, oils extracted from plants and seeds can replace diesel.
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