Meaning of agrarian reform

What is agrarian reform:

Agrarian reform is a set of measures aimed at the redistribution, ownership and productive use of land, as a government policy in order to boost the agricultural activity of a country.

The measures that make up the agrarian reform are economic, political, legislative and social, in order to promote the distribution and productivity of large tracts of land belonging to a small group of people, called latifundistas, who can speculate on the value of the properties and, even, they do not promote agricultural activity.

Therefore, one of the objectives of the agrarian reform is to replace the latifundistas and distribute their lands to the peasants, in order for them to work them and promote agricultural activity.

To achieve this end, measures are implemented that allow modifying the legality of land ownership of the latifundistas, and the expropriation or compensation of economic value is established.

Consequently, a large portion of land belonging to one person can be redistributed and destined for small or medium farmers or peasants through agrarian reform.

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Unfortunately, in many cases land reform has negatively affected landowners and their employees, especially when there is a political undertone.

It should be noted that the implementation of agrarian reforms has been carried out in various countries in America and Europe, throughout the 20th century, to boost agricultural productivity as part of an economic and social strategy, especially after the end of the wars.

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Agrarian reform in Mexico

The agrarian reform in Mexico originated during the revolution led by Emiliano Zapata.

In 1912 a process began in which the landowners were stripped of their lands and about one hundred million hectares were distributed to hundreds of needy families, in order to carry out agricultural work and cover their basic needs.

Later, the agrarian reform was also promoted by President Lázaro Cárdenas del Río during his government, between 1934 - 1940. However, the results were not as expected and the level of poverty increased.

Since the enactment of the agrarian reform in Mexico, it has undergone various modifications over the years and, since then, the distribution of land is supervised by the State, but with a broader concept of the sense of ownership and productive use.

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