Meaning of educational reform

What is educational reform:

An educational reform is a modification, amendment or update of the educational system of a nation with the objective of improving it.

In this sense, the proposal and implementation of an educational reform requires, on the part of the different political and social factors involved, a serious and constructive discussion and reflection, since this type of initiative has enormous repercussions on the future of a country, due to to that they can modify the forms, methods and contents that are taught to children and young people.

The main objective of any educational reform is, of course, to improve the educational system, either because it is considered that it is necessary to update the school curriculum, or because they want to modify methods or content, or because they seek to implement a more effective education system, that provides the culture and the right tools to young people for the future.

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The proposal for an educational reform implies the recognition that there are aspects of the educational system that must be improved or corrected. In this sense, in current times, there have been multiple educational reforms aimed at including the internet and the new information and communication technologies as fundamental knowledge tools for the new times.

An educational reform can be proposed by political factors, and, depending on the legislation of each country, it must be subjected to a series of review and approval procedures by different instances in order to be promulgated and implemented. In this sense, it is important to point out that, precisely because of its importance, the process of introducing an educational reform must be gradual and consensual.

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