Meaning of Endorsement

What is Endorsement:

As endorsement, the signature of a skilled or authorized person that gives validity to the document is known. Also, endorsement is the testimony that confirms that something or someone has been endorsed.

In the legal area, in Constitutional Law, it is the mechanism through which the political responsibility of the Head of State is transferred to another person, either a minister, head of government, and may even be the president of the legislative assembly.

For more information, see Constitutional Law.

Therefore, the endorsement of a law is an act by means of which the secretaries of state sign the decrees, regulations, agreements and others issued by the President of the Republic. In some cases, if it is a requirement and if it is not complied with, the law must not be obeyed.

In reference to the above, in Spain, the acts of the king are always endorsed. That is, the endorsement is a legal figure, in which the holder of the Crown validly performs his acts when they are signed and validated by the person determined in the Magna Carta of said country, and therefore, he carries the responsibility of said act.

The term endorsement can be used as a synonym for: endorse, support, legalize, sign, ratify, among others.

Vehicular Endorsement

In Mexico, the vehicular endorsement refers to the right of vehicular circulation that is paid for the replacing or the use of the license plates.

It is important not to make confusion with the terms vehicle endorsement and vehicle ownership, since the latter is a tax for the use of the vehicle. In reference to the tenure tax, it is calculated by the characteristics of the car, while in Spain each city council set its amount.

Another important difference between both taxes is that the tenure will be paid by those owners of vehicles during the first ten years from their first sale, on the other hand, the vehicle endorsement is a municipal tax that is paid every year to be able to circulate within the municipality.

The payment of the endorsement can be paid in cash, debit or credit card, through the internet, in a bank or supermarkets. In the case of non-compliance, the sanctions are established in the Tax Code of each State.

Ministerial Endorsement

The ministerial endorsement in parliamentary regimes is the signature of one or more ministers in conjunction with that of the Head of State that confers the validity of decrees, orders, agreements, regulations, among others.

In the constitutional system of Mexico, the endorsement is the signature of the secretary of state or head of the administrative department of the corresponding branch.

Endorsement and referendum

In relation to these two terms that both present a similarity in terms of their pronunciation, both have different meanings. As such, the referendum is the legal procedure by which a law, or any other matter of utmost importance to the State, is put to a popular vote.

An example of a referendum was in 2004 in Venezuela, when the government of Hugo Chávez Frías, submitted in popular consultation, if the president continued to exercise his position, or on the contrary, his mandate should be revoked, and 58% of the citizens chose that Chávez should remain in power.

A recent one was in 2011, in which the population chose South Sudan to be independent from Sudan, and therefore an autonomous country. Proclaiming on July 9, 2001, the independence of South Sudan.

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