Gift Meaning

What is Gift:

A gift is a token of affection, an object that commemorates an event, something much cheaper than normal, or a favorable or unexpected surprise.

A gift is an object with a striking packaging to hide it and thus create expectation or surprise to the recipient. The wrapping is called gift wrap and can be accompanied by a gift card where a small dedication with good wishes is written.

Christmas is one of the holidays in which gifts are the protagonists. Christmas gift ideas is one of the most representative activities of this Christian holiday.

See also Christmas.

In religion, a gift from God is a grace or gift that God gives to a specific human being. It can refer to a talent, a gift or an unexpected situation that would solve the present problems.

The etymology of the word gift is not clear but there are three theories:

  • from Latin regalis, which indicates something proper to the king or royalty;
  • from French composed of re-, which gives an intensive value to the word, and -Gallic, indicating the French people, refers to a feast for gallantry, and
  • from french gallery which means "amuse".

Synonyms of gift are gift, present, offering, offer, gift, luck, happiness.

Gift in English translates as giftLike, for example, "This is a perfect gift for María"which translates into Spanish as" It's a perfect gift for Maria. "

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