6 great gifts for Valentine's Day and what they mean

Valentine's Day or Day of Love and Friendship is a special date to celebrate the love and affection that people have, whether they have a romantic or friendship relationship.

Although Valentine's Day is celebrated on different dates in various countries, the intention is the same: to give a gift or present, material or an experience, as a symbol of the love and affection felt for a special person.

On this day, it is customary to give a meaningful gift that sends a hidden message about the intentions and feelings that it implies, but decipherable for the recipient. Therefore, each gift given and received on Valentine's Day means something in particular.

Here are six great gifts for Valentine's Day.


Giving a bouquet of flowers to your partner or friend is always a good option, since they expose the beauty of nature and depending on the color and type they have a different meaning.

Red roses are an infallible classic: they represent the romanticism and passion felt for the couple. Roses can be given in other colors, depending on what each one of them represents and the intention with which they are given.

Other flowers that are used to give away and are an excellent detail for this date are carnations, tulips, daisies or lilies.

Chocolate bonbons

Giving chocolate bonbons on Valentine's Day is synonymous with a trustworthy and affectionate love, usually very traditional, which, although it may not seem so creative, it is not a sign of boredom either.

Depending on the chocolates, their packaging and filling, they can be a sign of sensuality and a gift with unexpected and interesting surprises.

Chocolates are one of the favorite gifts, not only because of their rich flavor and their mixtures with other sweets, fruits or spices, but because chocolate generates different sensory experiences that make us feel good in general terms.

Jewelery items

When people, mostly men, want to make a declaration of love to their partners that implies taking another step towards commitment and a more serious sentimental union, they give a jewel.

Among these, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, engagement rings, among others, are usually given as gifts.

Whoever gives a jewel takes the time to consider what is the correct garment and its cost. Hence, it is related to an important commitment intention, even considering the way in which the jewel is given.

If it is a ring, par excellence it is composed of a precious stone with a lot of brilliance that can be a ruby, diamond or another stone that is symbolic or of the taste for whom it is intended. For example, the ruby ​​symbolizes passionate love.

Love letters

Love letters, poetry quotes or your own inspiration are a classic and magnificent gift for Valentine's Day. They can be considered as the words that come from the heart.

It can seem a bit old-fashioned, especially when declarations of love have been made through other communication channels for a while, they are sometimes very impersonal and not very creative.

However, a letter, poetry and even a song are usually very meaningful gifts, especially when you express yourself better through the written word.

These gifts carry in their essence a great romanticism and intention to declare their feelings towards the partner or friendship.

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Some more sensual, daring and fun couples dare to give lingerie as gifts. This is a strategy that seeks a little more daring, risk and fun in the relationship.

This gift contains implicitly the connection that exists in the couple. The lingerie that is given is usually red, however, it can also be in other colors.

However, you have to be careful with these gifts, especially if it is a short-term relationship, since sometimes you just want a little fun from the couple.

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Romantic getaways

Romantic getaways, adventures or walks are also a great idea to give and share on Valentine's Day.

These gifts are prepared well in advance, they involve looking for the right place to live a different and unforgettable romantic experience. These walks will vary according to the tastes of the couple and the creativity of the person organizing the trip.

Spending time with partners, family or friends is very important, especially when you have an extremely busy and hectic pace of life.

Dedicating space and time to your loved one is synonymous with the importance you give to your relationship and the desire you have to live unique and unforgettable adventures.

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