Rule Meaning

What is Rule:

A rule can be a rule or precept, an established mode for the execution of something, a method to perform mathematical operations, a woman's menstruation, or an instrument to measure or draw straight lines, among other things. The word, as such, comes from Latin rule.

Rule, norm and law

In law a distinction is made between the concepts of rule, norm and law.The rule, for example, is all that precept of conduct that is established based on what it should be. It applies to specific situations.

The norm, for its part, refers to a legal provision or precept that imposes duties and confers rights, and that is established according to the use, contract or practice. It is, in hierarchical terms, above the rule and below the law.

The law, on the other hand, is the mandatory legal norm. It is of a general nature and is dictated by a legitimately constituted power that has the power to regulate the conduct of people. It is in a position superior to the norms, but inferior to the constitution.

See also Law.

Spelling rule

In linguistics, we speak of orthographic rules when we refer to the set of norms that establishes how each of the graphic signs that constitute the writing system of a language should be used. Spelling rules are established by tradition or by convention, and allow us to determine the correct spelling of words.

Spelling rules are, for example, those that determine the use of accent, the union or separation of words, clarify what is the correct spelling in words with similar sounds written with letters like b or v, g or j, s or c, etc.

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