Public relations

What is Public Relations?

As public relations (or PR for its acronym) is called the professional activity that is responsible for managing communication, interaction and the image that a person, organization or institution projects to its audience.

Public relations uses a set of methods, strategies and tools for dissemination and communication that are aimed at the construction, administration and maintenance of the public image of a person or company.

Public relations works with fundamentally intangible resources, such as:

  • identity, which is the differentiating value of a person or organization in relation to its competitors;
  • philosophy, which are the principles under which the institution's objective is based;
  • culture, which defines their way of acting;
  • the image, which is associated with the representation that characterizes the institution, and
  • reputation, which is the mental representation that the public has generated in relation to the organization.

The discipline of public relations feeds on methods and theories drawn from different fields of knowledge, such as advertising, marketing, social communication, politics, psychology, sociology, among others.

Objectives of public relations

Among the main objectives of public relations are:

  • prestige public image of a person or company,
  • capture wills,
  • achieve fidelity or
  • achieve consensus around their actions in the specific fields where they work.

Hence, public relations have application both in politics, as well as in business or institutional management.

Types of public relations

Internal public relations

Internal public relations are those that are responsible for communicating and strengthening the image of the company, its institutional policies, as well as its philosophy and the set of values ​​on which the objective of the organization is based.

External public relations

External public relations are those that are oriented to publicize the image, values, philosophy and objectives by which a person, company or organization is distinguished in the face of a specific audience.

For this reason, external public relations strategically manage their communication with other companies or institutions, public or private, as well as with the media and the general public.

Negative public relations

Negative public relations are those whose objective is to discredit or promote the bad image of a rival or competitor in the public eye, whether it is a company, an organization or a political contender. In this sense, it is especially very common in the field of politics.

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