Meaning of Report

What is Reportage:

A report is an informative and expository journalistic work in which a topic is developed more fully and extensively than in a news item.

The report consists, fundamentally, in the narration of a set of events with journalistic value that are of interest to the public. In it, a fact, a character or an event or a particular topic can be addressed.

The report is characterized by being a documentary work that requires some planning to address its different stages that go from the definition of the topic, through the collection of data, information and support material, to the final edition.

It is important that the report uses an accessible or appropriate language for the subject and the type of audience it is aimed at.

In addition, it is convenient to support the story in different types of materials, such as photographs, images, documents, interviews, recordings or audiovisual material such as videos, etc.

Another essential aspect in a report is to contrast in it the different angles or points of view around a topic, all in order to provide different perspectives.

The reports are published in a communication medium, which can be the press, radio or television.

The main objective of a report is to report extensively, completely and in detail on a matter or question that is of particular interest to people.

Thus, for example, there may be reports on abortion, the increase in public transport fares, on an escalation in crime, on administrative corruption, etc.

There are different types of reports: scientific, explanatory, interpretive, investigative, narrative, informative, descriptive, among others.

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