Meaning of Repudiation

What is Repudiation:

Repudiation is a noun that means rejection or denial of something (person, idea, act) that is shameful, unworthy or infamous.

It comes from the Latin term repudium, and this in turn is made up of the word pudet, which means "cause embarrassment" and the prefix re, which means "go back, go back".

Synonyms and related words include: exclusion, expulsion, rejection, disgust, repulsion, abandonment, separation or hatred.

Usually the word repudiation is used to refer to the rejection of anything that is considered unworthy. It is not limited to the rejection itself, but implies a demoralization of the person, action, idea or thing that has been the object of rejection. That which is repudiated suffers the consequences of disgrace and shame.

Repudiation can be expressed in different ways, be it through organized citizen actions, in the context of a debate, in the presentation of a personal opinion or in a spontaneous collective act. Let's see the examples for each case:

  • "Families protest in front of the Government Palace in repudiation of immigration policies."
  • "The immoral behavior of the authorities deserves the repudiation of good people."
  • "I repudiate the double standards of those who seek to subdue the people."
  • "People were so outraged by his behavior that they booed him in the middle of the game."

Repudiation in Classical Antiquity

In Classical Antiquity, the word repudiation used to designate the legal act by which the man reserved the right to dissolve the conjugal union with his wife in order to remarry. To exercise this right, it was enough to appeal to the most diverse reasons, from infertility to personal convenience. The woman, publicly disgraced, had to return to her parents' home where she lived in servitude until the end of her days.

Repudiation in the Old Testament

In the Old Testament, this dishonorable rejection is called an act of repudiation, present in Jewish tradition since the time of Moses. In this context, the concept of repudiation differs absolutely from the concept of divorce, in which both parties have the right to request the termination of the marriage contract. Although in the Western world the legal figure of the act of repudiation no longer exists, it is still in force today in other cultures.

Famous phrases about repudiation

"What we humans have in common is the repudiation of the worst crimes ..." Fernando Savater

"I reject all systematic thinking because every system necessarily leads to cheating." Jorge Luis Borges

"When someone takes a wife and marries her, if later he does not like her because he has found something awkward in her, he will write her a letter of repudiation, and he will deliver her into her hand, and he will dismiss her from his house." Deuteronomy 24, 1

“Because of the hardness of your heart, Moses allowed you to put away your wives; but at the beginning it was not like that ”. Gospel according to Matthew 19, 8

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