Meaning of mutual respect

What is Mutual Respect:

Respect implies recognition, veneration and appreciation for another person or thing. Mutual respect is one that is based on the feeling of reciprocity, where the other is respected and the same respect is received back.

Mutual respect is very important for living with other people (parents, siblings, partners), and we must practice it honestly for the rest of our lives to have a harmonious life in society.

Respect is a value that is learned at home, during parenting, and throughout the educational stage. Characteristics of respect are consideration, appreciation, recognition, honesty, and courtesy towards the other person.

Respecting each other means understanding and valuing the other, their way of seeing and living life, their attitude towards things, their interests, their needs and their concerns, and it is only possible if the other is able to understand and value you in the same way. .

In respect there is a fundamental maxim: to be respected you have to respect. From there comes mutual respect, when we are respected we must respond with respect.

When we practice mutual respect, we must not judge, offend, reject or look down on others for things like their way of life, their choices, actions, religion, ethnicity, or political or sexual orientation, especially if they do not offend or harm others. nobody. And, likewise, we can also expect the same respect in return.

Mutual respect can be established between people: in the couple, in a professional relationship, in a business relationship, with friends, with family, with colleagues, etc. Likewise, it can also refer to relations between organizations or institutions: public bodies or companies, or to the mutual respect that must exist in diplomatic relations between two nations.

Mutual respect is a fundamental value in today's societies, especially those founded on such essential values ​​as democracy and freedom: it implies respecting the diversity of ideas, opinions, ideologies, beliefs, etc.

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