Summary Meaning

What is Summary:

A summary is an abbreviated, concise and faithful exposition about the most important points of a text or document. As such, it can be done orally or in writing, and must be objective, clear and consistent. The word derives from the Latin verb I will summarize, which means 'take again', 'start over'.

The summary, in this sense, is a synthesis technique by means of which we take a text to its most essential expression, pointing out the most important ideas and the most relevant aspects of the subject, without the mediation of interpretations or critical positions. Its main objective is to make it easier for the reader to understand a text.

The summary, as such, is the result of a complete and in-depth analysis of the text. To do this, one proceeds to read and understand the text; underline, highlight and write down the main ideas; to then make a diagram that allows us to identify its structure and the way it develops.

Summaries are a widely used and required technique in the school environment. Students are asked to summarize educational or literary texts, either because they help to improve reading comprehension, or because they help to improve students' ability to synthesize.

Summary or abstract

As a summary or abstract It is called the short, objective and concise text that informs the reader about the content and the most relevant aspects of an article or study. It is usually used in scientific or academic publications to make it easier for the reader to search for topics of interest to them and so that they can form an idea of ​​the main text without having to read it in its entirety.

Executive Summary

As an executive summary, the short text is called the most important aspects of a commercial project. As such, it must condense all the key points of the project: product or service, market, company, success factors, expected results, financing needs and conclusions. The purpose of the executive summary is to capture the attention and interest of potential investors.

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