Meaning of Resurrection

What is Resurrection:

The word resurrection comes from Latin resurrect, which means to rise again, to rise again, or to rise up once more. This word designates the action and effect of resurrecting, of returning to life defeating death.

The belief in resurrection is linked to the ancient interpretation of solar behavior, that each day you are born and die, only to be reborn the next day.

the resurrection is a recurring figure in ancient literature. It is attributed to a mystery of the gods, only achievable by them. Knowledge of the power to resurrect is forbidden to human beings. This idea is common to different systems of thought and faith.

The resurrection in Hellenic culture

In Greek mythology the resurrection is present through the story of Asclepius or Escupalio (Roman name). Asclepius had learned to master the art of healing the sick to the point of raising the dead. Zeus, concerned about the alteration of the order of things and fearful that he would share his knowledge with humans, struck him down with lightning.

Traces of the belief in the resurrection are also found in the "mysteries of Eleusis", a city of Ancient Greece.

The resurrection in Persian culture

Zoroastrianism or Mazdeism, a monotheistic religion born in Persia (Iran) contains elements of the belief in the resurrection, from which apparently they would have come to Jewish thought, as well as the idea of ​​a messiah, the final judgment, paradise and hell.

The resurrection in Jewish culture

In the case of the Jews, the resurrection was not a widespread belief of all believers, but of some groups. It is linked to the desire for restoration of Israel and was preached by the party of the Pharisees, faced by their tradition to the high priests or Sadducees.

For the Pharisees, after the end of time the Jewish people would see the glory of God manifest through the restoration of Israel to the land, and allow the dead to be resurrected to enjoy this event for a specified time.

In this sense, the Pharisees would have, to some extent, a common element to discuss with Jesus. On the other hand, the Sadducees or high priests not only did not believe in the resurrection, but they also did not believe in eternal life, which is why it was so important for them to enjoy the blessing of God in life.

The resurrection of Jesus

Those who today represent the most widespread faith in the belief of the resurrection are Christians. For believers, Jesus would have risen three days after being crucified and laid in the grave. This would be the unmistakable sign of the divinity of Jesus. From faith in his resurrection comes the movement of the apostles and the spread of Christianity throughout the world.

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