Backward Meaning

What is Rewind:

The word go back means to go or go back in time or space, it is a way of going back to a point in time or space where you were already. The word back comes from the Latin "I will go back"Which is made up of the prefix"retro ", which means "back" and the verb "give" which translates "walk", which makes the compound word have a literal translation of walking backwards, that is to say to go back or to go back.

For example, a person can go back with his vehicle and be in an initial position, as well as we can listen to music and have that feeling that we go back in time to a special time for us, which makes us return to that point in time. time and remember the moments lived.

The word backward is a verb, which generates the noun backward, since the latter is the action and effect of going back, that is, the realization or the actualization of going back or going back.

In ancient times this term was used to give the order to the troops not to continue forward, but on the contrary they should return because something prevented them from following their path, whether it was the enemy himself, because he was defeating him in battle and they had to return. , or because some object could impede the passage by obstructing the path through which the army had to pass, which forced them to return or retreat and seek an alternate path.

Going back is a way of going back, that is why the word of can be used in several contexts and in two ways, that is, physically or real, as is the case of talking about going back home because something was forgotten, backing up with the vehicle to take another road, backing up due to a fall from a tree that interrupts the path, or due to the occurrence of a traffic accident that causes everyone to return.

The second way is a symbolic or imaginary way of going back, as is the case, of the sensation that a person can experience when reading a book, the lyrics of a music or simply watching a movie, since, going back in time is impossible, and the only way or form to do it is through the imagination with the memories and with the memories of yesterday.

But the term can also be used symbolically in the sense of a person referring to the fact that some attitude or action taken may mean going back to a position that was previously held and that is evidently unfavorable, for example, when we hear people say that The security measures taken by the government have been a clear setback for the society of our country, it is because it means that the measures have been unfavorable which has made the nation regress.

Likewise, in the legal field, we also commonly hear the phrase, backsliding in the lawsuit, which means that a legal action is going to be desisted, or that it is simply not convenient to exercise the action because it can bring more inconveniences than those that already exist. , this is how the term can also be used symbolically.

Finally, there is an American-Hong Kong action film directed by Corey Yuen, which was released in 1986 and was attended by the main actors Jason Stillwell who was the protagonist, as well as Jean-Claude Van Damme who played the role of executioner who was given the name "Back, never surrender", which achieved some success in the United States, Latin America and Spain.

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