RIP Meaning

What is RIP:

RIP or R.I.P is the acronym or abbreviation of Requiescat in pace, a Latin expression that in Spanish translates as "rest in peace."

The initials RIP are used to place on the tombstones of the deceased, as well as, the epitaphs. Likewise, mention of these acronyms is made at the end of the liturgy of the Catholic Church, in the special moment in which the prayers dedicated to the deceased are said, in order that the soul of the deceased finds eternal peace.

This sentence is the following:

Requiem aeternam dona ei (eis) Domine. Et lux perpetual luceat ei (eis). Requiescat (requiescant) in pace”.

Whose translation in Spanish is: ʽGive him (s), Lord, eternal rest. And let perpetual light shine for him (them). Rest in peace.

The acronyms RIP that derive from Latin, coincide by their initials with the translations that correspond to the English and Italian languages ​​for this same phrase.

In English the phrase is Rest in peace, and its meaning is exactly the same "rest in peace". Turn in Italian is Riposi in pace, and its meaning does not vary either, it is exactly the same.

In Spain the acronym RIP is still used, however, in other Latin American countries such as Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, among others, it is also customary to use some variants such as QEPD (may he rest in peace), QDEP (may he rest in peace), and sometimes EPD (rest in peace).

Likewise, the abbreviation R.I.P is used in the obituaries section of newspapers, as well as, on the tombstones of the graves in the cemeteries. Generally, the name of the person, the date of birth and death, and sometimes an epitaph on the part of the loved ones of the deceased individual are placed.

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