Meaning of Rol

What is Role:

The role is the role or function that someone or something represents or performs, voluntarily or by imposition. The word, as such, comes from English role, which means ‘role of an actor’, and this in turn comes from the French rôle.

Roles are functions that are attributed to a person so that, in certain situations or circumstances, he acts or behaves according to a set of guidelines, in satisfaction of a series of expectations.

In this sense, an actor can play the role of evil in a children's play, a politician can play the role of spokesman for his party, a journalist can play the role of interviewer on a television program, or an uncle can play the role of father of his nephew.

Another meaning of role, which emerges from late Latin rotŭlus, which means 'little wheel', can refer to a roll or rolde, or to a list or enumeration.

Social role

The social role is one that an individual plays in certain situations according to a set of behavior guidelines established by society. Thus, the social role would become what is expected of the behavior of an individual in his social environment.

Social roles determine how individuals relate to each other and to certain social institutions such as the family, education, religion, politics or the economy. Each social institution is governed by specific norms or guidelines that the individual must respect in order not to be rejected or excluded.

For example, a woman in the role of mother will be expected to take care of her children, to be attentive to their needs, to educate and love them. A behavior other than this generally generates certain social sanctions.

Gender role

The gender role refers to the set of social norms according to which a series of behaviors is expected of a man and a woman based on what masculinity and femininity are for a given society. Thus, the gender role would become the public expression of gender identity.

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