Roses: the meaning of each color

Roses are the flowers that are born from a rose bush, they are characterized by being the most beautiful that exist, as well as, by their delicacy, pleasant aroma and medicinal properties. Likewise, there are a large number of species of roses that differ in the shape of their petals, stems, sizes and their aromas.

Since ancient times, roses have been recognized as a symbol of love, sensuality and beauty in various cultures. Generally, roses represent admiration, affection and respect felt for someone, as well as a political or social organization.

Below are the meanings of roses based on their color.

Red rose

Red is part of the primary colors, it is one of the most used colors whose symbolism is recognized and shared in a large number of cultures.

However, the main meaning of the color red refers to love and eroticism. In addition, red resembles the color of blood and the passions that lead to changes in mood due to circumstances such as shame, excitement or anger.

For this reason, red roses are usually the gift par excellence of lovers. A rose or a bouquet of red roses symbolize love, passion, attraction, seduction and eroticism felt by the couple.

Likewise, red roses can also symbolize the admiration, beauty and affection that one friendship feels for another. In these cases, the red roses represent respect and praise for one another.

White Rose

The color white is related to purity, integrity, peace and innocence. The color white is also related to the new, the beginnings, the truth and the spiritual good. Hence, white roses are widely used in flower arrangements for weddings, baptisms and communions.

Therefore, white roses share this meaning, to which femininity, perpetuity and even pure and sincere love are added. Sometimes white roses are given to sick loved ones as a symbol of speedy recovery.

yellow Rose

Yellow, like red, is a primary color. The yellow color is associated with youth, fun, joy, beauty, friendship and the Sun. On the other hand, the yellow color is also related to selfishness, envy or jealousy, and is widely used to highlight an advert.

However, yellow roses are characterized by symbolizing happiness, intelligence, friendship and sensuality. Yellow roses are a suitable gift for teenagers, precisely because they represent fun and joy along with youth and beauty.

Orange rose

The color orange is the result of the mixture of the primary colors yellow and red. The color orange is related to fire, fun, joy, the extroverted and the exotic. Also, this color is associated with social relationships and kindness.

Hence, orange roses are identified with the enthusiasm and joy of having successfully reached a goal or completed a stage.

In the same vein, orange roses are also associated with good mood, gratitude, support and passion. As far as love is concerned, orange roses are identified with consolidated relationships.

Pink rose or rose

The pink or pink color derives from the mixture of white and red corles. In general terms, the pink color is identified with the feminine, it expresses affection, protection and positivity.

The color pink has a greater association with positive aspects than with negative aspects, hence it is also linked to feelings of affection, love, generosity and kindness.

Pink or rose roses symbolize the goodness, sympathy, gratitude and beauty of a person. Giving a pink rose to a valued person is a gesture of affection, generosity, respect, tenderness and admiration.

Pink roses indicate gratitude and the absence of bad feelings and intentions. Now, pink roses can convey a meaning of greater or less intensity depending on their light or dark hue.

Purple rose

The violet color results from the mixture of the primary colors blue and red, which symbolizes eternity and spirituality, it is also related to magic.

Violet roses, meanwhile, have a special meaning because they refer to calm, long life and loyalty.

Whoever gives a purple rose is bowing to the inner beauty of the person who receives it. Violet roses symbolize dignity, good wishes and happy holidays that are wished to people.

Blue rose

Blue is a primary color that symbolizes trust, loyalty and feelings that last over time.

Also, the meaning of blue roses refers to trust, affection, harmony, new possibilities, freedom and tranquility.

Giving a blue rose or a bouquet of blue roses as a gift is synonymous with gratitude and loyalty. In this same sense, giving blue roses transmits tranquility and good energy to a person who is anxious or nervous.

However, it should be noted that blue roses are unique specimens and difficult to find in nature, therefore, generally, they derive from specialized crops that manage to obtain this color in the flower.

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