Meaning of Rosca de Pascua

What is Rosca de Pascua:

The Easter cake is a type of traditional sweet bread with the shape of a ring that is used to prepare for the Easter celebration.

The Easter cake has an ancient and even pagan origin when in the Roman Saturnalia the land was thanked for its generosity and wealth of food. At that time it was customary to make a round cake of figs, dates and honey as an offering awaiting fertility and good harvests for the year that began.

However, it was in Italy where the Easter cake began to be made in a very similar way to how we know it today. Italian pastry chefs took up the pagan tradition in order to rival the use of the Easter Egg as a symbol of birth and fertility.

Likewise, the ring shape of the Easter thread represents continuity, union and eternal rebirth, which is linked to the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter day.

To make the Easter cake, the pastry chefs used three basic products in the pastry shop: milk, flour and eggs, and for their decoration they used hard-boiled eggs.

See also Easter Egg.

Now, the story goes back to the year 476, when a barbarian king had occupied the city of Paiva, in Italy. On that occasion, a pastry chef made a cake in the shape of a dove as a symbol of peace and love for the king, who was astonished and, as proof of their friendship, ordered the liberation of the people.

From that time on, the Easter cake began to be made, until it reached what is currently known, as a representation of the love and friendship that unites peoples.

This is how the tradition of the Easter cake spread to various territories and towns in which it can receive a particular name and its decoration and recipe varies but, its symbolism remains, the celebration of the rebirth of Jesus Christ.

In Argentina, for its part, the Easter cake is deeply rooted in the culinary customs of the Christian holiday. It is very similar, in this sense, to the rosca de Reyes.

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