Meaning of Rupestre

What is Rupestre:

Rupestre is something belonging to or relating to rocks. For example: "rock art" or "rock landscape". This term is also associated with something crude and primitive. It comes from Latin rupes (stone).

Cave painting

The cave painting refers to the paintings and drawings made on rocks in caves and caves especially during Prehistory. Cave paintings are found in many parts of the world, corresponding to different cultures and times. Some of them are still preserved due to environmental conditions and the difficult access to many caves.

For more information, see the Paleolithic article.

They usually include animals and hand marks, although geometric lines, human beings and elements of nature also appear. Some of these paintings have common elements, since they are usually simple and schematic representations of elements of the natural environment. Sometimes these types of images were used in rituals and were given a cultural and symbolic value.

The pigments used to make paintings came from nature (plants and minerals, among others). To apply the materials, it could be done by blowing, sculpting or painting directly on the stone or rock with different tools such as reeds or sticks as a brush. In more complex paintings, the paintings were given volume and relief by taking advantage of the shapes of the rocks or by scraping around the silhouettes.

Examples of cave paintings include the Loltún caves, in the state of Yucatán (Mexico) or the Altamira cave (Spain).

See also Cave Paintings.

Rock music

Rock music or the rupeste movement is a musical genre from Mexico, close to folk, songwriting and acoustic rock. It is a generally simple music that does not seek effectism but authenticity, based especially on the guitar.

Its themes are varied and move between the taste for poetry and the everyday. It can be said that it is a type of alternative music, far from commercial music. Some artists that can be included in this category are Rodrigo González (Rockdrigo) and Carlos Arellano.

Rock writing

The rock writing is made up of pictograms, ideograms, petroglyphs or marks on rocks. They correspond to prehistoric times. This type of images represented a previous step to a more abstract representation of numbers and words.

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