Meaning of Physical Health

What is Physical Health:

Physical health consists of the well-being of the body and the optimal functioning of the organism of individuals, that is, it is a general condition of people who are in good physical, mental, emotional condition and who do not suffer from any type of disease.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as that state of well-being that goes beyond not suffering from diseases and that also includes physical, mental and social well-being.

When people are in optimal physical health, they can engage in a variety of activities, promote well-being, and continue to develop or cultivate skills for their overall health.

Physical health also refers to analyzes or studies related to food and nutrition, illnesses or conditions that may pre-exist and those that can be prevented, physical activity to be carried out, and even refers to education about how maintain a healthy state of life.

When an individual is in good physical health, his body is solid and free from disease, therefore his mental and emotional health are also in good condition.

However, physical health can be affected in different ways depending on the lifestyle of each individual, the environment where he lives or works, according to the genetics he possesses and even depends on the medical advice he receives.

There are many cases in which, although people try to lead a healthy life, in one way or another they do not achieve it and this can be largely related to the environment where they develop and, on the other hand, to diseases or conditions inherited throughout the family.

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How to maintain physical health

Maintaining a stable physical health is part of the responsibilities that each person has with himself and can be achieved easily and through perseverance.

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Maintain body hygiene, it should be a daily activity.
  • Sleep the number of hours recommended by doctors.
  • Have time to exercise, at least three times a week.
  • Schedule regular medical appointments in order to perform general check-ups and avoid or detect possible illnesses.
  • Having a harmonious lifestyle, that is, not being carried away by the impulses of annoyances, worries or anguish, before acting impulsively, mental and sentimental balance must be found.

Mental and emotional health

Physical health is related to the mental and emotional states of each individual. For this reason, it is often said that body and mind are related. By having physical health in good condition, you will also obtain a healthy mental and emotional health and vice versa.

Mental and emotional health lies in the balance that a person has with the environment that surrounds him, his interpersonal relationships, communicative and expressive capacities, the methods applied to solve problems, among others.

Mental and emotional health must be in harmony with physical health, because to a large extent the fact that a person feels good and shows it is synonymous with being aware that they are in good condition, and in case of coping with any illness or health problem, having positive thinking and being optimistic helps in an incredible way to fitness.

Creativity, spontaneity, discipline, self-esteem and personal security depend on a percentage of the mental and emotional state of each individual. While the mental and sentimental state of the person is stable and balanced, the better will be their performance in the activities of daily life.

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Social health

Social health refers to the ability of individuals to live in accordance with their physical and mental health.That is, social health indicates how people can satisfy their physical and psychological needs through the circumstances on which each individual acts.

On the other hand, through social health it is possible to know what the relationship of people with their environment is like and how they carry out their daily activities, which can function as an indicator of the general well-being of people and even societies.

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