Meaning of Public Health

What is Public Health:

Public health is a non-clinical specialty of medicine focused on the promotion, prevention and intervention of health from a multidisciplinary and collective perspective, whether at the community, regional, national or international level, that is, not centered on the individual, but in the collective.

In this sense, its functions are mainly the management, surveillance and improvement of the health level in the population, as well as the prevention, control and eradication of diseases. In addition, it is in charge of developing public policies, guaranteeing access and the right to the health system, creating educational programs, administration of services and research. Even tasks related to environmental sanitation, food quality control, among other things, may be part of their competencies.

Due to the breadth of its functions, multiple disciplines oriented to the administration of the health system converge in public health, such as medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, nursing, biology, pedagogy, social and behavioral psychology, work social, sociology, statistics, etc.

Public health can be administered by an organized community, by a state agency, or by an international one. Normally, each country has its corresponding Ministry of Health or Secretariat of Health, which is the State agency responsible for ensuring the health conditions of the population. Similarly, there are international organizations, such as the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) or the World Health Organization (WHO), created to manage prevention and health care policies at supranational levels.

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