Meaning of Screen

What is Screen:

Screen It is an Anglo-Saxon word whose most widespread use in Spanish refers to "screen".

In English, screen it can be used as a noun that designates physical barriers: a screen, a mosquito net, a curtain, a screen; as well as to denote, more specifically, the part of a television or computer monitor on which the image appears, or the surface on which films are projected.

As a verb, screen It can function to indicate actions such as draping, sifting, hiding, filtering, separating, dividing, protecting, as well as projecting a movie.

In the field of the Spanish language, the introduction of the word screen in our daily speech it is framed within the cultural dynamics of the massive consumption of technology produced in English-speaking countries.

Cell phones, computers, film and photographic cameras, impose on the language the English name of their parts. Screen usually refers to its screens, but also to the technologies developed from them, so we can also find it as part of a compound word, referring to its specific application.


Screenshot, for example, translated into Spanish as "screen capture", it refers to the image taken by a computer or smartphone directly from its monitor or screen. There are programs developed specifically for this type of task, such as Screen Muncher or Screen Grabber, for smartphones.


Screencast, which in Spanish we could translate as "animated screen capture", is a recording of what the user observes on their computer screen, which may or may not be accompanied by an audio narration. The screencasts They are ideal for developing video tutorials on the operation of software or a website, offering help and solutions for certain computer problems, and guiding conventional users when executing specific tasks. There are specific software for the screencasting, grouped under the concept of screen recorders, like Screen-o-Matic, or Screenflow, the latter developed by Apple.


Screensaver, translated in Spanish as "screen protector" or "screen saver", is a moving image computer program, developed to prevent deterioration of the quality of old monitors as a result of prolonged exposure of an image on the screen. In this way, the screen saver was programmed to appear after a certain period of time without the user moving the mouse or pressing any key. Today its use is purely recreational, since the screens work with technologies that do not require screensavers to protect the quality of the image.

Touch screen

Touch screen, or "touch screen" in Spanish, is a technology developed for the use of devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets or even ATMs, by tapping their screens directly with a finger or with a special pencil. It works from the reception of the electrical impulses that the user activates when he touches the screen, which are translated into orders that are processed and interpreted in thousandths of seconds by the software.

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